Solano EDC

We are excited to have developed the new website, identity, and promotional video for the Solano Economic Development Corporation (EDC).

Solano EDC is a public-private nonprofit dedicated to the economic growth of Solano County by:

  • Scaling locally-traded sector industries
  • Attracting new jobs and investments
  • Maintaining competitive advantages for both existing and new businesses

Our first task was to redesign the EDC's identity to reflect their innovative, forward thinking community. The new logo has a directional arrow within the typography to communicate that Solano County is always striving for more: more ways to be innovative in business and more ways to create a better environment for existing workers.

The next phase of the project was to create a promotional video and build a new responsive website highlighting the region and it’s benefits. Both promote the county and show companies why Solano County is the best place for them to locate their business.

Website features:

  • Expression Engine Content Management System
  • Fully Manageable County And City Profiles
  • Report Builder Tool For Site Selectors To Collect And Share Desired Information
  • Mobile Optimized
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