Steven Barclay Agency

Calling all Authors and Speakers

Steven Barclay Agency has been a great client, allowing MC2 Design Group to create a series of websites over the past 10 years. Steven Barclay Agency has a great business of promoting authors and speakers throughout the world but needed a website that they could manage all the complex information related to each author through their internal staff. MC2 Design Group created a system using a robust CMS that is so agile Steven Barclay Agency can, on a moments notice revise or add a new author or speaker. The ability to do this in-house without having to reach out is crucial to helping support their authors and supporters. Working with the creative of Grant Peterson we were able to take this and implement into a "first in class" website.

This client also engages MC2 Design Group to implement its email marketing to its vast list of clients. Steven's vision reaches his customers with each and every email we send.  

Great projects and fantastic client. 

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