Go Nevada County

When MC2 was engaged by Nevada County to help modernize and create a mobile friendly Go Nevada County website we were excited about the opportunity to create something that really represented the beauty of Go Nevada County. Have you ever been there? It’s gorgeous! We were tasked with creating a robust website that is mobile friendly, easy to use for users, showcased the beautiful county, had an easy-to-use CMS and to top of the list - would have easy to add listings to help showcase the culture, nature and businesses of Nevada County. Our developers and graphic designers sat down and strategically worked on a vision that would be able to implement all of the above. We designed, we built, we created and after all is said and done we created a beautiful and functional site that was able to highlight all of the beautiful features of Go Nevada County. Now, when you want to go visit, it’s easy to find places to eat, shop, hike, camp and more! With guidance from our friends at Go Nevada County we were able to deliver a wonderful end result. Don’t believe us? Go check it out for yourself. http://gonevadacounty.com/ 

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