10 Feb 2016

Front-End Web Developer

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Are you an enthusiastic, creative and talented web developer? Are you an out-of-box thinker who is passionate about creating web projects and can get them done like a ninja? Perfect! You’ve found the right company. MC2 Design Group, Inc. is growing, and we want to add you to our team.    Exciting things are happening here and we're looking to add some superstars to our team. Our team is small and nimble with an open, creative and fun workplace. We’ve got so many projects that we need a bigger team to help us move projects through a complete lifecycle, and want to dive in and get their hands dirty.    If this is you then please, keep reading on!    Do you enjoy a fun, creative and team oriented work culture? Are you a self motivator who enjoys thinking outside of the box to solve problems in a creative way? Do you play well with others while being able to…Read More

05 Apr 2012

Chico Electic - Featured Business Spotlight at April 4th City Council Meeting

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26 Mar 2012

Should You Use Pinterest for your Business

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Everybody likes the "hot trend", Pinterest.com is definately hot these days. Especially for the female demographic.  Attached is a link to a fun info-graphic which helps you decide if your business should use pinterest as a social media channel of if you are better off staying with something like Facebook. http://www.techi.com/2012/03/is-pinterest-good-for-businesses/

12 Mar 2012

That Nasty thing Called Procrastination

Editorial posted by Michael Coogan

Man do I love to procrastinate! I think I subconsciously do it on purpose. I thrive under pressure; always have, in a sick way I like to have the looming pressure of deadlines. That pressure puts in me in the zone, the weeks when I have the most due are always the weeks that I get the most done. Why do we procrastinate? Though I'd like to believe the above is the primary reason, I think it is more about these issues. 1.     I am inherently lazy. 2.     The task at hand is just boring. I find the less I'm excited or interested in the work, the more I put it off. 3.     Sometimes I'd rather do other stuff. Just because I can I guess. Call me a rebel. 4.     I lack a clear understanding of what it is I'm doing, so I just don't do it right away. 5.     I don't know how to do it, or I am…Read More

06 Mar 2012

The Cobbler’s Children Now Have Shoes

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Well, our website is up! Or the kids have shoes... or something like that. We have been extremely blessed with the work we've had over the years. This is year 22 for MC2 if you didn't know, that's way over 100 in dog years. Since a website is always in flux and should be, we've already come up with other ideas in mind about things to add and improve upon... maybe it will take another two years before those changes take affect. If so, Thanks for all the work!