12 Mar 2012

That Nasty thing Called Procrastination

Editorial posted by Michael Coogan

Man do I love to procrastinate! I think I subconsciously do it on purpose. I thrive under pressure; always have, in a sick way I like to have the looming pressure of deadlines. That pressure puts in me in the zone, the weeks when I have the most due are always the weeks that I get the most done.

Why do we procrastinate? Though I'd like to believe the above is the primary reason, I think it is more about these issues.

1.     I am inherently lazy.

2.     The task at hand is just boring. I find the less I'm excited or interested in the work, the more I put it off.

3.     Sometimes I'd rather do other stuff. Just because I can I guess. Call me a rebel.

4.     I lack a clear understanding of what it is I'm doing, so I just don't do it right away.

5.     I don't know how to do it, or I am limited in my knowledge.


So those are my excuses...  here are my solutions;

·       I have been working on coming into work earlier, I find that the morning hours before the rest of the office and world gets going I can be more focused and creative.

·       I schedule "no meeting, email or phone" time. This limits distractions and interruptions so I can get things moving.

·       I make sure I have a clear understanding of the scope of everything I take on.

·       I also try to do something on the project at least everyday... Momentum helps me be more productive in the big picture.


These seem to be helping.

BTW I think this was number 3, back to the real world, would love to hear your thoughts.


- Michael

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